IKM Asociados - Asesoría para empresas en Coruña


Since its foundation in 2005, our firm set priorities that continue being the cornerstone of our working method. We combine a high-quality service with an excellent technical rigor. Our full range of business consultancy services is oriented to help the clients in their workaday and also guiding them in its professionalization process.

We are very closely involved with the companies we work with. We care about their problems and their daily work life, which allows us to find the solutions that best suit customer’s needs.

During all those years we have grown up and learnt from our clients, who are considered as partners and friends. We have tried to go beyond their initial expectations and improve day by day, always looking for the best solution.

We provide tax advice, accounting and labor consultancy services. Business internalization, corporate restructuring and business strategy are some other of our main action fields.

Although most of our clients are from A Coruña -the Spanish city where we are based- we provide corporate counsel to several companies from other spots of our country. In addition, we work internationally throughout our partner companies.


We offer excellence, experience, knowledge, commitment, efficiency and closeness thanks to our extraordinary team of professionals.


Iker Aldea
Iker AldeaManaging Partner
Iker Aldea is one of the company-managing partners and the head of the economic area. He is a great skilled professional who has been specialized in general corporate counseling and corporate restructuring fields, as well as in taxing, labour and international issues.
Iker has an University Degree in Business and Management Administration and a Master’s Degree in Tax Consultancy and Taxation. He is an University Expert in both Labour Relations and International Tax. In addition, Iker is an Insolvency administrator and mediator with a economic Legal Expert certification.
Manuel Barral
Manuel BarralManaging Partner
Manuel Barral is the other company-managing partner and he is in front of the accounting and tax consultancy department. Manuel counts on an outstanding working career and he is specialized on accountancy, taxation and tax consultancy areas. Expert in Inheritance Law.
Regarding his academic formation, Manuel Barral has a Business and Management Administration Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s degree in Tax Consultancy and Taxation.
Beatriz Aldea
Beatriz AldeaTax and Accountancy Department Manager
Beatriz Aldea is the operational manager of the taxation and accountancy areas. She has a University Degree in Business and Management Administration and she is an expert in international taxation action fields.
Laura López
Laura LópezAdministration Department
Laura López is our financial department manager. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Management Administration.
Emma Varela
Emma VarelaLabour Department Manager
Emma Varela has a Bachelor’s Degree in Personnel Management and an University Degree in Human Resources Management. She is a talented professional who co-leads the Labour Consultancy department.
Lucía Seijas
Lucía SeijasTax and Accountancy Department
Lucía Seijas, who has an University Degree in Economics and a Master’s degree in Financial and Tax Administration, is one of the members of our Tax and Accountancy Department.
Lucía has proven experience leading corporate restructuring actions, and this is, in fact, one of her main working areas in the company.
Sonia Rivera
Sonia RiveraLabour Department Manager
Sonia Rivera is a highly skilled professional who has a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources Management and an University Degree in Labour Sciences. She also has an Master’s Degree in Human Resources Structuring and Management.
On the other hand, Sonia has an outstanding working career, having advised SMEs for more than 12 years in front of labour departments of several companies.

The true value of our company lies in the people. Our professional team is comprised of 2 shareholders and 10 high-qualified multidisciplinary employees. Each member complements each other and all of them work targeted to the same aim: contribute to provide an outstanding and personalized service to the client.

We keep a close professional relationship with all our clients. We always try to know their environment extensively, which is helpful to figure out the solutions that fit perfectly each individual case.

Our brand means commitment. Commitment with the client we work with. Commitment with the same dedication we work for ourselves. We internalize your business making it a part of our own selves.

In brief, we provide excellence, experience, knowledge, commitment, efficiency, innovation and closeness. And all of this thank to our extraordinary and qualified team.