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We provide corporate counsel and business management to our international clients, assisting them in the first phase of their business activity in our country. For this purpose, we work through representative offices, permanent business establishments, branches and subsidiary companies. We also operate via distribution-sharing agreements and business cooperation with other Spanish companies (temporary business associations, economic interest groupings, commission agents, franchise companies, etc.)

We study thoroughly their business requirements to be able to accurately assist clients on the set up procedures and guide them throughout the whole process until the enterprise become fully operational. We count on a team of experienced professionals who is specialized in the business internationalization area. This knowledge and their language skills will facilitate the dialogue with the client as well as the parent firm coordination.

Our company attends to initial set-up process arrangements. Likewise, we monitor the internal regulation compliance in matter of commercial, administrative, accountant, and tax and labour aspects. In addition, we provide legal and financial representation services to the international clients who have subsidiary companies or permanent establishments in Spain.

Spanish regulations set fiscal representation as an obligation that is mandatory for those non-established companies who make certain tax-liable transactions. On the other hand, the company legal representation is required to certain permanent business establishments’ -e.g. branches-.

Fiscal Representative

The Spanish Internal Regulations establishes appointing a Fiscal Agent as an obligation, provided that the taxpayer is non-resident in Spain but is bound to a certain tax payment. This obligation is only mandatory when the following assumptions occur:

  • Permanent establishments’ business operations
  • Economic activities implemented through non-permanent establishments, such as technical assistance or installation works derived from engineering contracts
  • The Tax Administration requirement

Our duties as a Fiscal Agent would be the following:

:: The Fiscal Legislation and tax obligations compliance

:: Planning and submitting of VAT statements, refund applications, monthly Intrastat reporting, etc.

:: Managing correspondence with national Tax Authorities. It is recommended that Fiscal representative bear the Tax Agency electronic mailbox and it is mandatory attending the tax inspections as the company fiscal representative.

:: The fiscal agent is accountable to the represented companies administration.

:: EORI Registration and Spanish NIF or NIF-VAT procurement and management.

Legal representative

The corporation restricts the Legal Representative functions and their duties are related to the good development of the entrepreneurial activity:

:: Legal contracts signing

:: Banking products

:: Lease contracts

:: The bank account opening and management

:: Representation before Public Administration

:: Legal labour representation

:: Water and Electricity supplies contracts

:: Invoices payment approval

:: Tax statements filing and signing

:: etc.

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