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As experts in Accounting Consultancy, we know that bookkeeping information is one of the most significant factors influencing a company decision-making. Furthermore, accounting reports provide a valuable detailed business situation data.

:: Recurring Accounting Advice, supervising and controlling each accounting event..

:: Economic and financial information analysis and data interpretation. Aiding clients’ decision-making by the financial main ratios examination.

:: Annual financial statements preparation and Commercial Register deposit making. Financial paper development to small, medium-sized and large enterprises -once the asset volume, annual turnover and number of employees requirements are verified-.

:: Accountancy monitoring and financial year-end.

:: Business plan creation and developing.

:: Drawing up of accounting plans and internal financial reports, which contribute to information gathering for the Board of Directors.

:: Overdue accountancy updating and reconstruction. Milestones plan. Accountant and Tax Risk Reduction Plan.

:: English and Spanish specific reports to the Spanish subsidiaries’ parent company.

:: Periodical budgetary control, looking for a previous year economic forecast improvement.

:: Accounting Outsourcing, even assuming accountancy department responsibilities in the event of the client company request.

:: Tax Inspections Account Consultancy.

We offer highly customized services handled by a team of experts with multiple profiles


Our tax department provides an extremely personalized service. We count on proven experienced Tax Law professionals, who support the companies and bring tailored solutions designed especially to suit our clients’ needs.

We provide assistance related to all kind of taxes, as well as Tax Law counseling, in both business and personal taxation.

:: Tax periodical statements creation and/or revision. Corporate Income Tax payment setting up.

:: Corporate Income Tax planning before countable closing. Analysis of the company ability to optimize current tax regulation implementation (depreciations, investments, fees deductions, fees bonus, tax exemptions, reinvestment, investment provision, etc.)

:: Countable closing consulting, final fiscal closing implementation and Corporate Income Tax payment. For this purpose, we elaborate balance data recaps, as well as deep studies from a fiscal perspective –e.g. concerning the income statements, account analysis, etc.-. That is how we spotlight the best options applying reductions, deductions and tax benefits.

:: Corporate Income Tax Return. We also make Commercial Register deposits of the Annual Statement and the Corporate Agreement Returns.

:: Fiscal Normative. Periodical information up to date in company matters.

:: Fiscal Policies. Information and advice regarding enhancing these policies in both a national and an international scope.

:: Verbal and written inquiries in response to tax issues concerning the taxation of the company or its transactions.

:: Company Tax Planning.

:: Analysis of both draft contracts and agreements. We thoroughly examine them documents in order to realize a tax implications assessment and to consider alternatives that lead to lowest cost or tax advantages.

:: Fiscal impact consulting focused on trade operations -e.g. puchase/sale of assets, corporate acquisitions, merging and splits, assets and liabilities bulk assignment, etc.-

:: Technical support on Company Law aspects. We are focused in commercial transactions that involve an equity restructuring and corporate optimization operations related to the current tax regulation.

:: Technical support on tax audit situations and on complaints and appeals interposed by Tax Authorities -e.g. tax settlement or information request issues-

:: Company defence actions before any Administration levels.

:: We provide advice in every decision-making process that involve business and family.

:: Company succession planning, considering every sphere -personal, structural and financial-.

:: Family protocols, shareholders agreements and complex testamentary dispositions development. We strive to guarantee business successful without forgetting the family behind it.

:: Special reports preparation and expert opinions in complex specific situations, which may require a particularly in-depth treatment -e.g. transfer pricing transactions.

:: Feasibility Plan design.

:: Business management and support.

:: Expert Report generation.

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